Sat Nam Kaur has been in education for over twenty-five years, starting

as a classroom teacher, adjunct professor, and founder of an inner-city
after-school homework club in New York. After giving birth to her son,
she began working privately with families, from infants to the elderly,
specializing in serving children with special needs and their families.


Sat Nam believes that a marvelous aspect about being a parent is that through intuition, we know all that we need to know about helping our children. After experiencing depression and anxiety during her pregnancy and the first three years of her son’s life, she learned to bond and heal with her son, in quiet moments, when he listened to his intuition, and she to hers. This journey led to a place of unshakable peace. 


Sat Nam Kaur resides in New England with her son, Guru Prem Singh.



Learning from the Heart is a way of being for children, teens, and families, as they grow together. Emotions and academics become easier through movement and breath. Through Kundalini yoga, meditation, and reflex integration, we address the following challenges:


  • allergies

  • anxiety

  • attachment issues

  • autism

  • bullying

  • chronic illness

  • depression

  • elective mutism

  • fatigue

  • fear in groups of people

  • focus

  • handwriting

  • insecurities

  • learning challenges

  • math 

  • memory

  • motion sickness

  • reading 

  • relationships

  • sensory overload 

  • shyness

  • sitting still

  • stamina


The best results come when at least eight to ten hours are devoted to techniques experienced in 1:1 sessions, every week, until the child is thriving, and nourishing support for the family is established on a regular basis.

Reflex Integration


Respect, humor, creativity, and movement unite the brain, body, and emotions, allowing children to heal and learn new information efficiently.

Reflexes are movement patterns we experience in the uterus, in birth, and in the first three years of life. If certain reflexes are fully integrated, these movement patterns are replaced with sophisticated neuro-networking to enable the development of higher level skills and help children access their brain with ease.


If these reflexes are not integrated, a child can remain stuck. The brain does not continue to develop, as it is capable of, or create neural networking between various parts of the brain until these reflexes are integrated. For any child who is struggling with relationships, or in school, this is where permanent change can begin. A lack of reflex integration can cause a child to struggle. Once these reflexes are integrated, life becomes easier.


With love and acceptance from adults around them, children dissolve trauma through release, movement, and heart connection. By responding to all experiences as an opportunity to heal, adults keep the doorway open for children to find their way of healing themselves. 


To maintain love and acceptance for your child, we can nurture ourselves regularly and bravely, clearing away our own emotional congestion. All children yearn for love and acceptance, including the child in us.

A Message of Love, Mother to Mother


In yogic tradition, all mothers carry the powerful blessing of Adi Shakti, the primal energy. With this blessing comes the gift of motherhood. We have the power to conceive and create, through the power of surrender, love, clarity, and heart.


Nature has given us as women a nurturing nature, to be able to care for our family. Sometimes we must multitask to meet all the needs around us; but if time is not taken just for us to be nourished, our nervous system is stressed, and this eventually closes down our sensitivity. When we go deep with healing movement with our children, emotions come to the surface for us to heal.


When we are relaxed and centered within ourselves, we automatically connect with our intuition and truth. This is the gift of being a woman. When we take time to nourish ourselves, we can find a peace that surpasses all understanding. We can once again, step into the power we have always had, and connect with the blessing of Adi Shakti, the primal energy within all of us.


May you find this great power within, as it is poured out for the hearts you serve, and most of all, for you.


Much Love and Many Blessings,

Sat Nam Kaur Khalsa